About LMBN

Like Minded Business Networkers

Like Minded Business Networkers (LMBN) group is a “by referral only” networking group based in Southern Ontario. Our mandate is to meet other like-minded business professionals to discuss business ideas and strategies, develop long-term loyal business relationships and motivate and support each other through our networking events.

What Does an LMBN Membership Offer You?

Our membership fee helps to pay for the LMBN Meet-up and website costs and keep the LMBN group active with integrity.

Your $10 Membership fee offers you:

Ability to be a guest speaker to the group  or chapter that you join

Helps support our complimentary Meet and Greet events held for our members twice a year

What else can you buy for $10 ……..

-McDonalds Combo with no fries!

– Tim Hortons Coffee and Bagel

– Two bags of milk

NONE of which will improve your business!

When do we meet?

We currently host chapters in Niagara, Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton Ontario. Our group is presently 900 members strong and growing daily. Join now!

These groups meet for monthly luncheon meetings on the first, second, and third Friday of every month.

Each group has a reasonable fee to cover administration costs. To learn more about the groups and the members involved please click on the links near the bottom of this page. We look forward to meeting you!

Oakville | Burlington | Niagara | Hamilton

LMBN helps other charity organizations through direct donations or individual sponsor. Below is a link to a letter from Citykidz about the LMBN group.

Letter from Citykidz

LMBN Mailing Address:

If you would like to pay by cheque for memberships or sponsorships please mail the cheques to LMBN office. Please note we do not meet there, this is only a mailing address.

Like Minded Business Networkers
17 Ontario Street
Grimsby, Ontario, L3M 3G8

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