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Contact Us-Join LMBN

Please click on the link to the group you are interested in below to join or to leave questions, comments or feedback. We will do our best to get back to you within 2 business days. As we are “by referral only”, please include name of person who referred you to this group when joining.We will need your name, business, phone number, and email information.

Upcoming LMBN Events

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming events. Since this is a invitation only group, we encourage you to click the link below for the chapter you are interested in to join and view their upcoming events. Alternatively, if you would like additional information regarding this group, please email us at info@lmbn.ca

Oakville | Burlington | Niagara | Stoney Creek

10 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hello Bruce….I am trying to invite Akua Hinds from Mississauga to join the LMBN group and I cannot see where to do that. her email is ahinds100@yahoo.com
    thanks connie Materno 🙂

  2. I will be attending the Burlington luncheon on Friday May17th

  3. Is there a way to pay for multiple chapters in one online transaction?

  4. I also have not been able to pay more than one chapter just Stony Creek

  5. My name is Gail I attend the meeting in June. There was a gentleman there that worked with collectables. I am looking for him, if he could contact me that would be great. Thank you

  6. I am with the Hamilton group. There was a gentleman at the meeting in June that deals with collectibles. I was told he was part of the Burlington group. Would love to get in contact with him.

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