Would you like to increase your exposure at LMBN Events? We have now added event sponsorship for our members.

How does sponsorship work?

We have opened up sponsorship opportunities for our monthly meetings. A person interested in promoting their business would contact the Speaker Coordinator to arrange when they could sponsor the event. The Speaker Coordinator would then schedule the person in for the requested meeting based upon availability. The sponsor would be set up prior to the meeting and would be able to greet other members and talk about their business as the members arrive. Display materials and products may be displayed and sold at the table. The business would also be introduced before the introduction of the presentation for that meeting to the membership.

 What is the cost of sponsorship?

The cost of sponsorship at this time is $25 per sponsorship opportunity per group. Sponsorship includes a table and chair and up to two banners will be allowed to be displayed by the table. The displaying member is responsible for the banners, sales, and security of products for their business. Payment must be made at the time of scheduling and are non-refundable. Sponsorship will be based upon availability. Sponsorship is only available once throughout the year per group that the member is a part of. Members must be in good standing and all membership dues must be paid. Sponsorship can be paid online by clicking the sponsorship button on the right sidebar. 

To schedule a sponsorship opportunity please contact info@lmbn.ca by filling out the form at the bottom of this page or talk to the Chapter Director. Need help with your presentation? Click here.

Once the Chapter Director has sent you approval and scheduled you in for sponsorship then you can pay for the sponsorship package

Liability Note………

LMBN and their members are not responsible for any products or display materials lost or stolen from display table. Please note the display table may not be inside the room of the meeting due to size requirements. The displaying member is responsible for all sales or processes for their products.

Below are a couple different samples for displays. Two banners may be used if space is available. Displays are at the discretion of the restaurant and the LMBN Board. The LMBN Board reserves the right to limit or refuse displays they feel are offensive or obtrusive to the location or membership.


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