If you are looking for help with a presentation for a future LMBN meeting or want help with a presentation in general then this page can help you. Professional speaker Bruce Outridge offers some tips in the videos listed below. Having a good presentation can help you propel your business so take it seriously. The best promotion for your business is to be helpful.

Presentation Help

If you need help creating your presentation or picking a topic you may want to watch the videos Bruce created on how to create a presentation. Below the videos is Bruce’s outline from the presentation that you can view to help create your own.

Samples of Bruce’s outline for a presentation

Sample Presentation Outline

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About the Presenter

Bruce Outridge is a professional speaker and member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. His topics include content creation, business, marketing, and topics specific to industries such as the arts and transportation. You can learn more about Bruce at www.bruceoutridge.com